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Gutter Maintenance Services

Booking in for a gutter clearance may not be one of your biggest maintenance priorities but, without regular upkeep, you run the risk of damage to your property’s roofline. The ongoing cost of gutter repairs and replacements is an expense you could definitely do without. Unless your guttering is in a good enough condition to channel water away from your property into the drainage system, structural damage can occur.

We can ease your maintenance worries with domestic and commercial gutter cleaning services, and with roofline repairs and replacements. Located in Witney, we cover the Oxford, Gloucester, Reading and Central Southern England areas.

Over time, winter debris, brick and tile remnants, leaves, moss and even bird nests can stop the flow of rainwater. Blockages are just one of many potential issues a gutter clearance can resolve. Did you know for instance that when leaves decompose, they act as a compost for moss and for weeds? Even seeds dropped by birds thrive in these conditions.

Add in the damage that rainwater overflow can do to a home or business property, and that you could find yourself unable to recover insurance losses without proof of having a clearance undertaken, and our domestic and commercial gutter cleaning services suddenly become a more attractive proposition.

Preventative action is better than reactive care, so please contact us on 01993 220789 to book in for services with Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd. In addition to the surrounding Gloucester and Reading areas, we cover all of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

The Impact of Moss

North-facing properties, and those with overhanging trees nearby, suffer most from issues with moss. Damp and shady conditions with minimal exposure to daylight allow moss to thrive. Moss acts as a sponge, retaining rainwater so that the roof never quite dries properly. The constant dampness will eventually penetrate the tiles to damage the roof structure.

Birds also like to feed on moss and wildlife will always bring problems to your home or business. A schedule gutter clearance can help you in avoiding issues with moss.

Guttering Blockages

It isn’t just gutter repairs and replacements you’ll need to worry about should your system suffer a major blockage. Rainwater can also damage soffits and fascias, walls, window frames, insulation and even the foundations of your property. Water soaks into the ground to cause problems with mildew and mould or, in some cases, with rising damp. Booking in for maintenance helps us to identify potential blockages sooner.

We can offer you a domestic or commercial gutter cleaning service at any time of the year, anywhere in Oxford, Gloucester, Reading or the Central Southern England area.

Our Maintenance Process

Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd uses the trade’s most innovative gutter clearance system to keep your home or business in a good state of repair. We have maintained gutters from ground level, using our modern equipment, for well over a decade. We work on properties up to three storeys in height and our time-served operatives can also maintain the ducts on conservatories, orangeries and greenhouses.

The motorised vacuum units we use have remote-controlled cameras fitted which help us to provide an accurate survey with the option of still photographic or moving video images. Please take the time to see examples of our previous work using this gutter cleaning equipment, and of the gutter repairs and replacements we have undertaken in the local area.

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