The roofline of your home or business offers protection to walls, windows, ceilings and foundations. A damaged gutter could lead to flooding, soil erosion, water damage, pest infestations and more. Using a domestic and commercial gutter cleaning company can keep your system running freely, dispersing rainwater into a nearby drainage system to stop potential issues with mould, mildew and rising damp.

Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd, from Witney, offer a professional gutter clearance service in Reading. We also perform gutter repairs and gutter replacements in all parts of Central Southern England.

Here, we look at the benefits of periodic gutter cleaning.

Water Damage – Gutter cleaning helps with the channelling of rainwater into the drainage system. This keeps Reading properties clear of standing water, which can impact the foundations, flood basements and cause dampness issues.

Pest Infestations – A domestic or commercial gutter cleaning service eliminates moss, which can be a haven for wildlife, fungi and seedlings. Moss also holds dampness which, over time, can impact roof tiles and timber roofing eaves.

Roof Lifespan – If you have your gutter cleared and cleaned on a regular basis, you prolong the lifespan of the roofline. In turn, this reduces the likelihood that you’ll need us to perform gutter repairs or gutter replacements anytime soon.

Kerb Appeal – Home and business owners in Reading who use a regular gutter clearance service will have properties bursting with kerb appeal. Blockages can lead to standing water, which causes soil erosion, root damage and plant destruction.

Basement Floods – Mould and mildew can trigger allergies and, in particular, will have a devastating impact on those who suffer from respiratory disorders. Gutter cleaning eliminates the clogging behind floods, pooled water and basement damage.

Added Comfort – Organic matter that thrives in damp roof and drainage conditions can impact how you live both inside your Reading home, and how you enjoy your garden space. Cleaner, more sanitary conditions make for a better living environment.

Roof Leakage – Regular cleaning, or just booking in for gutter repairs and gutter replacements when needed, will reduce the amount of water that sits on the roofing structure. This stops roofing materials from decaying and protects your loft space.

Resale Value – If you plan on selling your Reading home in the future, you’ll have more luck finding a buyer if you have kept the roofline in good condition. Domestic and commercial gutter cleaning services have a positive impact on resale values.

At Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd, we offer a complete roofline and gutter maintenance service. A gutter clearance is a preventative form of maintenance for those prudent enough to make an annual booking. We do, however, offer an equivalent service on a reactive basis for home or business owners who have already noticed issues with leaks, overflowing water from gutters or pooling water on the ground.

The domestic and commercial gutter cleaning system used by our operatives requires no ladders, no scaffolding and no MEWPs. We clean from the ground, and this makes our services safer.

Our self-contained and self-sufficient motorised vacuum units have integrated cameras which allow us to inspect rooflines on Reading properties. If we find instances of damage that we can’t resolve through clearances or cleaning, we can perform gutter repairs and soffit, fascia and gutter replacements.