Damage to a guttering system can be a major issue for home and business owners. If rainwater isn’t diverting away correctly, you could find yourself looking at property dilapidation, land erosion, pest infestations and more. The cost of gutter repairs and gutter replacements always outweighs the cost of a gutter clearance. Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd is a domestic and commercial gutter cleaning specialist.

Located in Witney, we cover all parts of the Oxford area.

To understand why guttering fails, one has to delve deeper into the causes. This page looks at the most common reasons for failure, what you can do about it, and why a gutter clearance and maintenance service like our own could be the perfect solution for your home or business property.

Blocked Guttering

The most common reason behind gutter and roofline damage is blockages and there are numerous reasons why they happen. Winter debris, compacted leaves, old bits of tile and dropped seeds from nesting birds fill the guttering to block the flow of rainwater, causing it to overflow from the edges. This is something that a regular gutter clearance, cleaning and maintenance schedule at your Oxford property helps to avoid.

We usually clear blockages successfully if the customer reacts quickly to flow issues. Left unchecked, however, a blockage could cause your roofline to deteriorate. This increases the likelihood of needing gutter repairs and replacements.

Misaligned Guttering

In our role as a local domestic and commercial gutter cleaning company, we frequently come across misaligned guttering. Did you know that too steep a pitch in the system causes rainwater to travel too fast, and to overflow from gutters before it can reach the downpipe? Guttering without enough pitch won’t drain rainwater at all. As you can see, guttering alignment can have a significant impact on your Oxford home or business.

When we undertake gutter repairs and gutter replacements, we pay particular attention to the pitch and always calculate carefully. Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd can also replace soffits, fascias and bargeboards.

Failed Seals

Like most systems which transfer fluids and lubricants, the roofline, and the guttering in particular, uses a sealant to stop rainwater overflow from the joins. Booking in for a gutter clearance once a year prolongs the life of the sealant but, over time, even the most professional installations start to deteriorate. Always keep an eye on leaking joins during periods of wet weather, or after bouts of strong winds.

We include the removal of worn sealant, and the application of fresh sealant, in our comprehensive range of gutter repairs. Our domestic and commercial gutter cleaning company always uses quality materials which we guarantee for 12 months.

Downspout Placement

Oxford, like any other location in the UK, suffers from its fair share of heavy rainfall. If your guttering seems to struggle with water dispersal during extreme bouts of weather, you might need to reconsider your downspout placement or, indeed, whether you might need more downspouts added. Because we specialise in gutter replacements, you can use our operatives to redesign your system and to add what it needs.

A regular gutter clearance service will preserve the integrity of the downspouts too, but we often come across properties where there just isn’t enough capacity for efficient runoff. Gutter repairs and replacements can resolve this problem.