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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning you roof can be one of the most cost effective ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your roof, instantly making it look well maintained and cared for.

Sometimes a clean roof can make the roof look like new, other times the clean leaves a weathered appearance adding aged charm to the roof with pleasing aesthetics.  The information below will help you understand the roof cleaning cost and methods.

Option 1 - Moss Removal

Our Moss removal system which is carried out using our long reach telescopic brushes. We are usually able to brush away up to 90% of moss build up from your property using this method which is ideal if you are happy with the appearance of your roof and simply just want the moss removed.

This method is carried out from ground level, although in some cases we may need the use of a cherry picker if there are any hard to reach areas.

Option 2 - Soft Wash

A Softwashing roof clean approach is a safe and gentle cleaning method involving the manual removal of moss etc using specially mixed chemicals and a biocidal treatment which prevents the re-growth of moss, lichen and other pollutants which can protect your roof for anywhere between 5 – 10 years (depending on environmental factors etc)

More Details

Softwash Cleaning – This is now the most popular way to clean a roof. It is safer for the cleaning crews and is less damaging to the roof. Softwashing uses a chemical application to the tiles after the moss has been scraped from the tiles. There is still a small chance

Scrape and Sweep – This is the older traditional method that some people still favour and is especially popular with DIY cleans. The moss is scraped from the roof and the loose bits left are swept off. With no chemical application the moss will regrow very quickly. This is very common for DIY roof cleaning on a lower extension. If you decide to do this then we recommend applying some chemical like wet and forget to prevent the rapid regrowth of moss.

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